Who Are We?

DTS boasts a dedicated team of young, experienced and motivated professionals. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible service and outcomes to our customers, our community and our workmates.

Our culture encourages a healthy, harmonious and flexible work environment. We firmly believe that people perform at their best when they have a healthy work/life balance.

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Training & Development

We encourage and support our staff to reach their potential.

We have instituted a rigorous training and development program, one which we believe represents a valuable opportunity for our staff members.

This program is designed to be proactive, so staff can discover talents that they didn’t know they had, and to provide assistance to our employees, both in terms of financial support and time to pursue further qualifications and training.

We work with each individual to help them to define their own goals and to achieve their career objectives. By tailoring our training to individuals, we are able to provide our staff with a valuable learning experience, no matter their skill sets.

A key part of our approach to training is to provide the opportunity to transform academic knowledge into practical competencies. We believe that this approach allows us to remain at the forefront of developments within the industry and gives our staff the best possible start to a career in urban planning.

Staff Investment

We believe that by investing in our staff from the earliest stages we position them to achieve the very best that they are capable of.

Investing in the appropriate level of staff training is essential in order for a business to achieve success. Our training program ensures that our staff will be well positioned for success, ensuring a constant stream of talent ready to take over senior positions in our company.

Our training and development program is also designed to allow our staff to discover their own value and purpose from all the available roles within our organisation. We believe that all our staff members have unique and undiscovered talents which our training program allows them to discover and nurture. By encouraging our employees to develop new skills, we are preparing them for long careers with our business and within the industry.

Here at DTS we are passionate about offering all our clients the highest possible level of service. Our training and development program facilitates this goal by ensuring that all our staff understand how they work to, and even exceed, the usual standards expected from the industry.

Equal Employment Opportunity

DTS is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity by only making employment decisions based on merit and value.

We are dedicated to providing a work environment free from discrimination and harassment, where employees are treated, and treat each other with respect and dignity.


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*Please submit all documentation in Microsoft Word format only.

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