Our Culture & Values

We provide an environment which assists all staff members to achieve their full potential and attain their personal and professional goals.

We aim to maintain a vibrant and dynamic workplace where our staff feel that their contributions are recognised and that they are part of a winning team. Our style of communication is open and honest and supportive of innovation and new ideas. We are serious about delivering the highest standards of work and customer service levels, but recognise that the best way to do that is to ensure that we balance all aspects of our lives so that we can clearly focus on the results that we want to achieve.

Our Staff

Here at DTS we are proud to have formulated our own unique way of doing things.

We stick to a formula and ethos which we have refined as time has gone on. It is essential to us that all of our staff members feel valued, and bring value.

When new staff members first join our team they are given extensive, personalised, proactive training to ensure that they have the best possible start working for us. We know that our staff do their best work when they are satisfied with the professional environment, and this is why we insist on such high standards in everything that we do.

It doesn’t matter how large or small any individual staff members role in a project is, we will do all that we can to push them into achieving the most that they can.

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Our Values


We are committed to leading both our clients and our people. We lead by example, seize initiative and welcome responsibility.


We demonstrate commitment to our clients and to each other. We understand that our reliability forms the basis of trust amongst our colleagues.

Work/Life Balance

We recognise that work and life are both journeys – not destinations. We make the most of opportunities to ensure we enjoy both.

Continuous Improvement

Through innovation, initiative and an openness to change, we believe we can find improvements each and every day.


We understand the role that leadership plays in the safety of our people and our environment.

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