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Process, understanding and communication underpin everything we do. We also recognise that unless we take the time to review our performance and learn from our mistakes, our service will never improve.

At DTS every project follows a cyclic process. We assess the problem to ensure we can understand and develop the solution.

We consult with relevant parties to ensure effective understanding of the project team to make certain confident, timely delivery of our services. Importantly, upon completion, we review our performance both internally and externally. It is this process that ensures that our desire for continual improvement can be achieved.


Before we try and understand the problem, we take the time to assess the situation, to assess the impact of our advice and assess the way in which we will tackle the problem. This enables us to have a big picture view and understand the nature of complex interactions that can exist.

We believe that demonstrating a thorough consideration of every problem that comes our way, no matter how large or small it may be, is an integral component of the overall high standards that we aspire to.


In order to ensure that any problem that is put in front of us is solved in the best and most efficient way possible, we encourage all of our staff to take the necessary time with every client in order to make sure that we have completely grasped any problem that we intend to help them solve.

In order for town planning and urban design to be it’s most effective, it needs to be done with considerable forethought. We ensure that every member of our team has a good understanding of the most appropriate techniques to use based on the situation at hand.


At every step, we ensure that we communicate effectively. Whether it be with fellow consultant’s, clients or external stakeholders, we understand the power and clarity that effective consulting can bring to a project.

Ultimately, our primary concern is ensuring that all of our clients have an excellent experience working with us. We are confident in the abilities of our award-winning team.


Delivery is key and forms the backbone of our reputation. Our aim is to deliver every project within the timeframe required, and ensure we maximise the result for our client.

We work with you every step of the way to make sure that you always have a firm grasp on how your project is progressing. This will give both you and us confidence in our ability to deliver the result you are looking for.


We understand that people learn from their mistakes and our post project reviews form part of our process for continual improvement. Every major project undergoes a post project review as well as an additional 10% of all projects we complete.

We want to understand what works and importantly, how we can do things better.

We are passionate about creating an environment where our staff feel motivated to achieve excellence, and where our clients feel confident in our abilities from their very first contact with us.

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