Town Planning

Successful planning requires not only an understanding of local, state and regional legislation, but also the ability to apply that knowledge. At DTS, our practical approach to applying our knowledge is what allows us to deliver award-winning solutions.

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DTS has provided highly professional surveying services to clients in Brisbane and South East Queensland since 1968. We apply the latest industry standards and regulations anduse the most up to date technology to deliver industry leading results on any surveying project.

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Unmanned Aerial Surveying

Through the use of drone technology, we now collect data faster, safer and more efficiently than ever before. Through our aerial surveying division, we have given ourselves the ability to map from afar, the detail our clients need to enable rapid, informed decision making.

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About Us

DTS was established in Brisbane in 1968. From the beginning, we have been committed to building long term relationships and setting the highest professional standards without compromising value or quality. We provide integrated services to building, engineering and resource industry clients that includes Cadastral Surveying, Construction Surveying, town planning and development advice.

Our offices in Brisbane and Mackay are staffed by highly qualified surveying and town planning professionals who have the experience to not only achieve, but exceed client expectations. All of our services are underpinned by our ISO accredited triple certification across quality, safety and environmental standards.

We are also accredited RiskSmart and SealSmart consultants with both Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council. This certification is restricted to experienced professionals and bears testament to the consistency, quality and of our town planning and development advice.

Town Planning

Need to understand development potential? Our town planners specialise in providing upfront due diligence advice prior to purchase.

Land Development

We understanding land development. From urban design, lot layout and approval, through to construction and titling, cohesive advice is the key to success.

Construction and Titling

Our integrated service lines enable your development to be approved, built and sold using the advice of our trusted consultants.

Our Most Recent Projects

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Our Key People

Ben Richardson CEO
Tony Valentine General Manager Survey
Angus Warnick General Manager Sales
Rodney James Survey Manager
Nick Bailey General Manager Town Planning
Paul Shellard Survey Manager

Our Values


We are committed to leading both our clients and our people.  We lead by example, seize initiative and welcome responsibility.

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We demonstrate commitment to our clients and to each other.  We understand that our reliability forms the basis of trust amongst our colleagues.

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Work/Life Balance

We recognise that work and life are both journeys – not destinations.  We make the most of opportunities to ensure we enjoy both.

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Continuous Improvement

Through innovation, initiative and an openness to change, we believe we can find improvements each and every day.

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We understand the role that leadership plays in the safety of our people and our environment.

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