Christmas Island Road Construction

The reconstruction of Linkwater Road required both accurate detail survey and construction setout over approximately 800 m of road corridor. The road had an average grade of approximately 14% with some sections increasing to 26%.

The road gradients resulted in complex engineering design which included superelevation and transition curves. Both of which required extensive survey to control construction works. The second element of the project required digital terrain modelling of 14 km of the island’s road network to accommodate the future design of a dual use recreational pathway. Extensive cadastral surveys were required to accurately determine the road reserve corridor and delineate between freehold and crown land. A comprehensive survey control network was established to ensure the accuracy parameters could be maintained.


Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Shire of Christmas Island

Shire of Christmas Island

Establish Survey Control Network
Detailed Alignment Surveys
Complex Construction Set Out
Conformance Reporting
Cadastral Reinstatement