Masters Homemaker Centre

DTS were selected by the client to provide construction, engineering and cadastral surveys to facilitate the construction of the first Masters complex in Mackay.

As the principal surveyors on site, DTS provided set out of all structural building elements including bored piers, hold down bolts and directional micro piles. This piling technique had not previously been used in Mackay. External engineering works were completed to reconcile monthly volume for earthworks and facilitate the construction of external car parks, drainage and electrical infrastructure. As built surveys of engineering elements were provided prior to practical completion. At the completion of construction, DTS provided cadastral surveys in accordance with the property council of Australia in the form of GLA lease surveys that were subsequently registered with the Department of Natural Resources.


Holtz Road, North Mackay

Hutchinson Builders

Mackay Regional Council

Commercial Warehouse
Set out of Civil Works
As Constructed Surveys
Set out for Micro Piles
Monitoring, Lease Surveys
Set out of Tilt Panel Alignments