Sarina Workers Village

QCV Sarina, a leading provider of workers accommodation facilities throughout Queensland, commenced design works in 2012 to provide a 600 room workers village to support the Hay Point Coal Terminal expansion.

DTS was engaged early in the project to undertake initial detail and level surveys to facilitate engineering and architectural design.
Working in close collaboration with engineers, DTS provided set out for the construction of the camp including roads, buildings and civil infrastructure. As part of this process, as constructed surveys were carried out to ensure conformance against the relevant design criteria. DTS provided extensive cadastral advice through the course of construction to register infrastructure easements and Lease of Land plans that set the legal framework under which the village operated. A high level of cadastral knowledge was a critical element in protecting the property rights of each stakeholder involved in the Sarina development.


Armstrong Beach Road, Sarina

QCV Sarina

Mackay Regional Council

Accommodation Village
Cadastral Easements and Leases
Set out of Civil Works
Set Out of Building Structures