Sullivan Street Townhouses

Bloomers started construction on the Sullivan Street Development in 2012 with stage 1 reaching completion in mid 2013.

Stage 2, comprised of an additional 31 townhouses, was finalised in early 2014.

DTS were engaged as the primary survey consultant to attend to the preparation of building format plans as required under the development approval. Our cadastral surveyors considered the staging requirements of the development and provided an efficient titling solution for the subsequent stages. The development saw DTS prepare not only building format plans, but also survey plans delineating private yards and service location diagrams as required through the community management statement. Efficiency of delivery and an understanding of cadastral requirements were notable features of DTS’s involvement in this project.


Sullivan Street, Emerald

Bloomers Constructions

Central Highlands Regional Council

60 Townhouses and Private Yards
Building Format Plans
Exclusive Use Areas
Service Location Diagrams