RiskSMART is a simple and fast way to get low-risk development proposals approved by Brisbane City Council.

DTS are an accredited RiskSMART consultant and have successfully lodged more applications than anyone else.

Eligible RiskSMART projects include:

  • Multi-unit dwellings (up to 10)
  • Small extensions to shopping centres and centre activities
  • Single unit dwellings (up to 10)
  • Subdivision of land (up to 10)
  • New houses in Character Areas
  • Extensions to established schools
  • Extensions to houses in Character Areas
  • Industrial buildings in industrial areas

Under the program, we will assess your proposal to ensure that it meets all of Brisbane City Council’s planning requirements and lodge it on your behalf.

A major advantage of lodging through the RiskSMART process is the reduced timeframes for approval. Code Assessable applications that normally take between 2-4 months are generally approved within 1 week. Impact Assessable applications that typically take between 6-9 months generally take around 2 months.

Contact us to find out more about how we can fast track your development project using RiskSMART

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