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Health & Safety Management Policy

At DTS, we value the wellbeing of our team members, contractors, clients, visitors and members of the public. We are committed to responsible management practices that minimise any adverse health or safety issues and enhance benefits associated with our activities and services.

DTS is committed to developing the team’s safety leadership skills and building a positive work safety culture while focusing on reducing work-related injuries and incidents.

Our health and safety management practices have been incorporated into the DTS Integrated Management System (IMS). They have been developed to comply with all legal obligations, and with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational health and safety management systems and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements.

The DTS IMS defines our commitment to:

  • Providing and maintain a safe work environment;
  • Continuing to recognise our positive duty of care as PCBUs, officers, and workers of this practice, in understanding safety risks inherent within our business and verifying that risks and hazards are being appropriately eliminated or controlled;
  • Providing all necessary resources to establish and maintain a safe workplace; meeting our commitment through establishing responsibilities, setting measurable objectives and targets, providing mechanisms for reviewing safety performance, ensuring continual improvement and elimination of work related injury and illness;
  • Providing fair and effective workplace representation, consultation, cooperation and problem resolution;
  • Involving all of our people in WHS management, through consultation, encouraging them to identify, assess and control hazards; review health and safety systems, and performance;
  • Taking all practicable steps to prevent incidents and eliminate hazards within the workplace through risk identification, assessment, implementation of control measures, monitoring and reviewing to ensure continual effectiveness;
  • Ensuring all incidents are reported, recorded, root cause is identified, and action is taken to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Where injury or illness occurs, helping our people to achieve full recovery through prompt treatment and active rehabilitation where injury or illness occurs
  • Developing safety awareness through initial and ongoing, education and training;
  • Ensuring annual review of the Health & Safety Management Policy; and
  • Ensuring the Health & Safety Management Policy is available to interested parties.

In implementing this policy, we will engage with our team members, contractors, suppliers, clients and regulatory authorities, and communicate expectations to all persons working with or on behalf of DTS.

Ben Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
January 2019

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