Surveying for Individual Lots / Homes

Cadastral Surveying

Surveying for individual lots and homes allows you to analyse, map and model the environment and anticipate nasty surprises, saving you time – and money.

Our Cadastral Surveying service ensures you know precisely where the limits of your property lie.
Ranked in the top 5% of registered cadastral surveyors by the Surveyors Board of Queensland, you can rest assured your project is in good hands with DTS.


Amalgamation of Land Parcels

Amalgamation refers to the combining of one or more allotments in order to form a single parcel of land. This is a process which cannot be undertaken without a cadastral survey to establish exactly where the boundaries lie, both before and after the amalgamation has taken place.

Boundary Identification

Carried out by councils, these surveys ensure construction work has been completed to the same specifications and standards which were laid out during the planning phase.

Subdivision of Land

Subdivision is the opposite of amalgamation. Rather than combining different allotments into a single piece of land, a subdivision divides a plot up into small pieces, often so different lots can be put to different purposes.

Lease Surveys

These are used in order to measure the amount of space within a piece of land or a building, this is important in determining the rental value of the property.

Long Line Easements

Easements are the rights which users (not necessarily owners of a piece of land) are entitled to.

Location ‘Conveyancing’ Certificates

Conveyancing is the legal process by which a property is transferred from one party to another. These certificates are issued in order to acknowledge the transfer of ownership.

Creation of Easements

Easements are the rights that users of land are afforded. We can assist you in attaching new easements to your land.

Building Format Plans and Exclusive Use Plans for Unit Developments

These plans are essential in obtaining permission for the final construction works.

Volumetric Subdivision of Land or Buildings

This is when ownership of a piece of land or a building is divided into multiple smaller holdings. For example, to define each apartment in a high rise as a separate living area.

Property Data Searching

We can help you find out all the information that you could possibly want about any piece of land that you are considering developing on.

Disclosure Plans

These are important for larger developers, you must enclose to any potential buyer when you, or someone else, has a vested interest in the sale of land. Failure to provide a disclosure plan is against the law.

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