Our Environmental Management Policy

DTS is committed to responsible environmental management including limiting any adverse effects our operations have on the environment by preventing pollution, reducing energy usage and minimising waste generation. We recognise our responsibility to protect and improve the environment in accordance with prevailing community standards and best practice.

DTS is committed the sound practice and continual improvement of our environmental performance through the integration of environmental concerns into DTS’s business planning and operations.

Our environmental management practices have been incorporated into the DTS Integrated Management System (IMS). They have been developed to comply with all legal obligations, and with the requirements of AS/NZS 14001:2004 Environmental management systems.

The DTS IMS defines our commitment to:

  • Maintaining a certified management system which assists with the identification of DTS’s environmental impacts;
  • Promoting and encouraging environmental awareness;
  • Providing training to ensure our people are aware of their environmental responsibilities;
  • Ensuring all waste is disposed of and/or recycled in accordance with environmental legislation;
  • Make resources available to minimising risks and comply with local, state and federal environmental legislation with the goal of attaining best environmental practice;
  • Ensuring all incidents with a potential environmental impact are reported, recorded, their root cause determined and action taken to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Ensuring annual review of the Environmental Management Policy; and
  • Ensuring the Environmental Management Policy is available to interested parties.

We conduct regular reviews of our environmental performance against comparable benchmarks to ensure we meet our objectives and targets.

Ben Richardson
Chief Executive Officer
January 2019

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