Barron Court Townhouse Development

Altitude, a consistent provider of quality housing solutions, undertook a 42 unit townhouse development to provide a high-end alternative to conventional workers accommodation and promote improved choices with regards to housing sustainability.

As principal surveyor for the development, DTS attended to the preparation of survey plans to register 42 townhouses, delineate infrastructure easements and provide building format plans to facilitate registration of the units. DTS was also responsible for the preparation of associated plans for inclusion in the community titles scheme. In addition to our role as principal surveyor, DTS provided set out for the construction of buildings and associated services. Throughout construction, DTS documented as constructed information and delivered as built records to Isaac Regional Council to demonstrate compliance against the development conditions.


Barron Court, Moranbah

Altitude Corporation

Isaac Regional Council

Multi Unit Development
Construction Set Out
Building Format Plan Preparation
Exclusive Use Plans and As Built Documentation